MemeTools® (launched in mid December 2021) is a crypto data aggregator similar to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, but for meme tokens only. It is a hub for investors who are looking to find the next DOGE or SHIB, and a hub for developers who are trying to get their token noticed in the market.

The world of crypto is brutal for developers due to an exponential increase of competition, making it difficult for newly created crypto projects to get noticed in the market. MemeTools® is trying to solve this.

While many developers are waiting weeks, even months to get their token listed on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, MemeTools® is doing a different approach, by automatically listing tokens that are paying 100 BUSD through our crypto payment processor.

And it was a success: within 1 month after launch, 170 tokens listed themselves on MemeTools®.

Many projects have seen positive price action in listing their token on MemeTools®, probably due to our active MemeTools® Telegram group consisting of almost 1000 members, with all of them trying to find the next DOGE or SHIB.

Not only are we trying to help meme token founders to enter the competetive market, but also to inspire and educate people about blockchain technology in general. There is no better entry to crypto than meme coins, seeing the recent success of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and other meme-based crypto projects. Yet, according to Chainalysis, crypto scams rose by 81 percent this year from 2020, leading to many people still not wanting to invest in crypto because of fear.

In early February 2022, DogeBonk launched MemeTools v2, an enhanced version of MemeTools v1, to fix this issue.

MemeTools now offers integrated rug/scam checks for all listed tokens. Users are able to see a full breakdown of the tokenomics of a token, such as whether the token is a honeypot (meaning not being able to sell the token after buying), whether liquidity is locked or unlocked, the amount of tokens held by the top 5 wallets, top 1 wallet, and so forth.

To access the rug scanner, users need to hold 3 billion DOBO tokens in their MetaMask wallet. This creates a continuous buy pressure for DOBO, bringing utility and value for the token.

Furthermore, to make MemeTools v2 an even more powerful crypto data aggregator, it now has trading charts powered by TradingView and historic data of all listed tokens, such as historic volume, historic transactions amount, historic liquidity amount, and more, pulled straight from the blockchain.

It also offers a cross-chain swap functionality powered by Rubic, to make it easy for people to bridge between different chains.