Buy DOBO with MetaMask

  1. Download MetaMask from their official website and follow the instructions to set up a wallet.
  2. Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to MetaMask. Read the guide for mobile or PC.
  3. Buy BNB from your favorite crypto exchange (we recommend Binance and KuCoin) and send it to your MetaMask wallet. You can find your MetaMask wallet address here.
  4. Go to PancakeSwap, click on the gear ⚙ icon at the top right corner and set slippage to 12%. If you haven't used PancakeSwap before, the button at the bottom might say "Approve". Click on it, execute the transaction, and after a few seconds the button will change to "Swap". Click on the "Swap" button, execute the transaction, and you're done!
  5. Open your MetaMask wallet, scroll down, click Import token, set decimals to 9 and enter the DOBO token address: 0xae2df9f730c54400934c06a17462c41c08a06ed8
  6. You are now a proud owner of DOBO! 🎉

Too difficult?
ChangeNOW offers a wallet where you can buy DOBO instantly with debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard), SEPA, Swift or UnionPay.